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The Google Books Settlement update: multiple filings from objectors and amici

For those of you following the Google Book Search Settlement case (currently #1 on our list), September 8 was the deadline for filing objections and amici. (The original date was Sept. 4 but due to maintenance on the Court’s Electronic Filing System, it was extended to Tuesday morning). The “fairness” hearing where Judge Chin will consider the fairness, adequacy, and reasonableness of the settlement is still scheduled for October 7, 2009.

There were many filings, most of them well-chronicled here and  here on Prof. James Grimmelmann’s blog. Of particular note for their entry into the debate are:

1) Several groups of European publishers who have now explicitly raised concerns about the impact of the Settlement on the Berne Convention and other international treaty obligations; and

2) Several state Attorneys General who are concerned about the legality of the Book Rights Registry administering any unclaimed funds under the states’ non-profit and charity laws.

It is also worth noting that there have been numerous amici filings in support of the Settlement, most emphasizing the profound benefits it offers in terms of increased access to information and knowledge, especially for historically disadvantaged groups and those with disabilities.

Finally, I should note that I am counsel on the brief for the Privacy Authors and Publishers (including EFF and the ACLU) and thus, this blog post (and the original in the top 10 list) are my own opinions and should not be construed as those of any of my clients in this matter.

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